Saturday, May 5, 2012

Last winter in Al Ain

The weather is so hot these days, it is about 41 C degrees today.  It made me think about the last winter in Paradise Park in Al Ain.  It was so beautiful and full of flowers.  I took some photos and painted it just to remind me that there will be winter to come. 


  1. Hi Thum,

    The composition might have a problem,Thum.
    3 floweres are almost same line.We had better make a rhythm. just break the straight line.
    and Please don't paint all paper. Just leave some white paper, when you paint background.
    He is really good at it.
    Just open and try.

  2. Hi Hani Hani,
    Thank you for very kind comment. To make a good composion is quit difficult for me. I looked at the web site mentioned, wow, my painting is so far behind. I'll have to try much harder. Thank you again for introduce me to painters online web site which leaded me to Jean Haines's blog. I'm thinking to buy her new book. Your paintings in the their web site were fantastic. Congratulations!