Friday, May 11, 2012

Charcoal practise

I practised the same photo at home.  Emm.. not yet right.


  1. I used to worry"no---- it doesn't look like him!!!'' but paintersonline, I got some comments. We don't need to worry similarity at all. To make a mood is important. To make the mood we have to know tonality.I mean make 3D on a flat paper.
    This work, you already know where is dark and where is light. All subjects has tonality. Not only portrait. If you repeat same thing again and again. Even if you try to paint flowers, your eyes automatically look for dark area and light area. One thing very important is chooes nice photo which have a nice shadows.
    Well done, Thum.

  2. I'm very greatful for your kind and helpful comment. Thank you so much. I'll try some more to get use to light and dark.