Monday, February 20, 2012

Home work

This is the home work from last watercolour club meeting.  I couldn't
get the right green.  I'd like to paint the shadow but
I'm afraid that I will mess it up. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Paradise Park, Al Ain, UAE

Watercolour Club in Al Ain, UAE

My first painting on the sketch book and painted it at home.  It is over work
after all :(  

The second painting, painted on 300 gms paper.  We had a such an enjoyable
and happy time painting out door.  The weather is wonderful,
nice and cool in the beautiful garden that is full of flowers.

Paradise Park in February 2012
@ Al Ain, UAE

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Back to painting

After I left my brush dry for nearly three months,  I'm excited
to start painting again.  Started with 130 grms paper, cause I not sure if my
brush stroke will be still good enough for the better paper. 
It seems just fine, I guess.

I walked to the bank this morning.  The weather is getting warmer, it's
about 25 C.  On my way back, I bought a few kinds of nuts for
hubby at the nuts shop.  Then stopped at my favourite Lebanese
 restaurant to take away homus for lunch. 
Emm.. delicious...miss ya..

Housing project renovation done


I'd like to forget about how hard we worked to get our own house repaired from historic flood damaged for a while.  May be until next summer break.

Here is our and partners holiday housing project by the beach of Phrachuap Kiri khan south of Thailand about 74 km from Hua Hin.  Now it is ready for holiday
maker who wants to take a deep breath in the quiet beautiful
long clean beach and enjoy fresh sea foods.
That I'm proud to present.