Thursday, April 19, 2012

AAWCC 18.4.12

AAWCC 18 Apr 2012

Six members were together this week.  We painted a simple color touch of the leaves and a  Soft Focus Technique on damp paper - a lesson from Elizabeth Fluehr YouTube.
It was a very interesting technique and every one did it very good.

It was my turn to be an organiser and a producer this week.
Every one enjoyed it and was excited through out the session, I guess !!

Me..?*#*  I was relieved.. that.. things went well.

Who is next...?


  1. It is strange. I left a comment, but it is gone.
    I love your idea.Great!

  2. Thank you very much. I'm looking forward for the comments to improve my painting.

  3. You were such a good teacher on that day.
    I really enjoyed painting in the way I'd never done before.
    Are we really drawing some rocks this week I wonder???
    Awwwww, to be honest, it's not my ideal subject but I'll give a try!