Friday, March 23, 2012

Home work

The Indian restuarant called "Bukhara" just few steps from our apartment where we had dinner last night.  The foods were really good, we love it.  Usually we had light
dinner like fruits or salad.  Because the foods were so good, we had too
much that made us feel uncomfortable.  May be we should
have it for lunch instead.


  1. Hi,
    Well done actually.
    These days, you works are getting faster and you look like enjoying them.
    Faster means you are not touching many times any more when the paint are still wet.
    Recently, I realized it is very difficult to wait until paint starts to be dry. Generally we touch a lot, as a result pieces turn to messy.
    Your colour choice is really good. I think it would not take long in watercolour like oil.
    Quick decision and quick work must be the key.
    I can learn all people's work every Wednesday.
    To steal somebody's work is the way of improving our skill. I'm very happy to see your works every time.I like the charcoal work, too.

    1. Hi Hani Hani,
      Thx for your comment. In fact, your and the others of works encouraged me to get moving. Thanks to you for all you have done to make possibility to establish the Wednesday Club. I also learnt a lot from group members.