Saturday, June 18, 2011

Gulf News

Gulf news paper due to finish 9 years suscription today.  We're kind
of missing it, but it's time for change to try something new.
We thought of subscribe "the National", may be.
We will see again when we come back from
holiday.  On the other hand, do we need
news paperthese days? 


  1. Hi ,

    Yes, exactly, I think same as you. These days, everything in Net. I guess we just can't change a habit. Make tea and carry to a table, and automatically we walk to the entrance, open the door, pick up a newpaper. I feel like just habit. i don't think desperately we need a paper.Oh, it is good for cleaning windows and mirrors though.

  2. Hi Midori,

    One other thing I learned. Without news paper, I have more times to do something else.